Memorial Gifts with QR Code Plaques

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How it Works

Fill in your friendly and easy to use memorial form. Simply upload images, videos and music files. Open your QR Code gift box and inside you will find your personalized plaque. Scan & share your QR Code with friends and family.

What's Included:

Customizable Website

8cm x 8cm Engraved QR Code Plaque

Storage for images, videos and music files.

Share & collect memories from loved ones

Digital QR Code available to download & share

Memorial Gifts with QR Code Plaques

What we do!

Create lasting memories with personalized gifts

We all have cherished stories about the people who touch our lives. At Loving Memoirs, we believe these stories deserve to be shared and remembered for generations to come. That’s why we created a unique and easy way to create a lasting online tribute.

Loving Memoirs offers special memorial gifts for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. It provides a dedicated space to share memories, photos, and stories, creating a lasting tribute that honors their life. For young children, it’s an invaluable way to learn about family members who passed before they were born, fostering a sense of connection and understanding across generations.

Here's how it works:

Purchase a Loving Memoirs product: Find our memorial gifts at participating funeral homes, care homes, and other partner locations. Each product has a unique QR code.

Scan the QR code: Simply use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code on the product.

Share memories and messages: You’ll be directed to a secure online page where you can share stories, photos, and heartfelt messages about your loved one.

Create a lasting legacy: The memories and messages you contribute will be compiled into a beautiful online memorial page, accessible for friends and family to cherish forever.

Why Loving Memoirs?

Simple and convenient: Creating a lasting tribute takes just minutes.

Accessible for everyone: No technical expertise required, just a smartphone and a few clicks.

Secure and lasting: Memories are safely stored online, accessible for generations to come.

A thoughtful gift: Offer a Loving Memoirs memorial gifts to families during a difficult time.

Honoring Loved Ones with Personalized Memorial Gifts

In a world where time swiftly moves forward, the essence of those we’ve lost remains etched in our hearts. Loving Memoirs offers a sanctuary of solace through personalized memorial gifts, ensuring the legacy of our departed loved ones endures in memories that transcend time.

memorial gifts

A Tribute to Unconditional Love

Losing a beloved pet leaves a paw-shaped hole in our hearts. Loving Memoirs helps you cherish those paw prints forever with a personalized memorial page dedicated to their unique spirit. Share their story, celebrate their life, and keep their memory alive for years to come.

Your Story, Your Legacy

Celebrate your life and leave a lasting impression with Loving Memoirs’ Living Legacy pages. Share your wisdom, experiences, and dreams with loved ones, creating a digital time capsule for generations to come. Your story is worth sharing.

How does Loving Memoirs work?

Loving Memoirs is for everyone: families, friends, and future generations alike. Our platform facilitates intergenerational connections, enabling great-great-grandchildren to glean insights into their ancestors’ lives through curated memories, fostering a legacy of remembrance.

Who are Loving Memoirs for?

Loving Memoirs encapsulate the essence of loved ones in digital eternity. These cherished recollections stand as timeless testaments, preserving the essence of individuals across generations.

Traditionally, memories tend to fade after two generations, leaving loved ones forgotten. Loving Memoirs aims to defy this inevitability by offering a sanctuary for reminiscences to thrive perpetually with are memorial gifts.

Heavenly Messages: Sending Love Beyond the Stars

Grief can feel overwhelming, especially after losing someone you love. Sometimes, you just need a space to express your emotions and let those feelings out. That’s where our “Heavenly Messages” page comes in.

A Place for Healing:

This page can be a source of comfort for anyone experiencing loss. Imagine a young boy, Ben, who recently lost his mum. He might feel overwhelmed with grief and miss her terribly. On the Heavenly Messages page, Ben can write down all the things he wants to tell his mum – how much he misses her bedtime stories, his favourite toy they used to play with, or even just how much he loves her. Sending these messages, even though they aren’t stored, can be a powerful way for Ben to express his emotions and feel a sense of connection with his mum, even though she’s gone.

Who it helps:

This page isn’t about storing messages or expecting a reply. It’s a dedicated space to send your thoughts, feelings, and well wishes “up above.” Whether it’s a heartfelt message to a loved one who has passed away, or simply a way to release some of the sadness you carry, Heavenly Messages is here for you.

Letting Go Doesn't Mean Forgetting:

Heavenly Messages is a place to acknowledge your pain, share your love, and find some solace in expressing yourself. It’s a reminder that while those we love may be gone, the love we shared remains. This comes as part of our memorial gifts.

Visit our Heavenly Messages page today and find a little peace in letting your feelings take flight.

We help with...

Making Memories Last Forever

Welcome to Loving Memoirs, where we specialize in creating a timeless space for cherished memories of loved ones who have passed away.

Losing someone dear to us is undoubtedly one of life’s most profound experiences, and preserving their memory becomes a way to honor their legacy and keep their spirit alive. At Loving Memoirs, we provide a platform for individuals to compile pages filled with heartfelt memories, anecdotes, photographs, and sentiments dedicated to their departed loved ones.

Our mission is to offer solace and comfort through the power of remembrance, ensuring that the essence of those we hold dear lives on eternally. Join us as we create a sanctuary of love, laughter, and reminiscence—a place where memories truly last forever.

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This webpage serves as a tribute and memorial for your loved ones, providing a platform to celebrate their life, share memories, and honor their legacy.

The webpage contains a variety of information, including biographical details, personal anecdotes, photos, achievements, and any other relevant information that paints a picture of their life and legacy.

Typically, content for the webpage is curated by the family or loved ones. If you would like to contribute content or suggest additions to the webpage, you may scan the QR Code and add the memories. The owner will have the ability to remove any information on the page.

The webpage will typically remain accessible indefinitely, allowing friends and family members to revisit and cherish the memories for years to come.

The webpage is accessible to anyone who has the QR code or the direct URL. Friends, family members, acquaintances, and anyone who wishes to learn more are welcome to visit.

Yes, visitors are encouraged to leave comments, tributes, and memories on the webpage. There may be a designated section where visitors can share their thoughts and reflections.

Yes, information about memorial funds, charities, or causes that were meaningful may be included on the webpage. Visitors who wish to make a contribution can find relevant details and instructions for how to do so.

If you have any questions, encounter technical issues, or need assistance regarding the webpage, please reach out to Daniel or David for support. We’re here to help make your experience as meaningful as possible. Contact Email:

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