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Rules of a Free Memorial Page

Once submitted memorial is published.

Free memorials have limited capabilities in comparison to paid packages.

Free memorials are not forever, paid memorials will remain indefinitely.

Free Memorial Page has been created to give customers an idea of how the memorial pages work.

Fill in this form to create a free memorial page.

  • Please write the name you wanna make this memory for
  • Age of your loved one.
  • Example: 1901 – 2000
  • Tell us about the life of your loved one.
  • Upload a video

Benefits of a paid package

You can find out more details about our paid offer here.

Unlock Benefits

Unlock a forever memorial page with big benefits!

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  • Oribituary Information
  • Service Details
  • Resting Place Address
  • Resting Place Pin
  • Upto 20 Image Uploads
  • Upto 3 Video Uploads
  • Upto 3 Music/Sound Files
  • Famous Quote or Saying
  • Heavenly Message Access
  • Memorial Fund/Charity Link
  • Leave A Tribute/Memory or Message Section

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