Honoring Loved Ones: Meaningful Ways to Remember Them

When we asked for special ways to remember loved ones, Kat Schilling shared a beautiful story. She lost her son Zach to cancer at 16. On the anniversary, she used money from her tax refund to do good deeds for people in her town. This made a tough day a bit easier for her. Many others on CaringBridge find helping others is a great way to honour their loved ones too.

Some ideas families mentioned were keeping a special item, supporting a cause they cared about, or donating to a charity. They also talked about planting trees or flowers. And they find special meaning in dedicating events to their memory or starting new family traditions. These steps help keep their loved ones’ memories alive.

Cherishing Memories: Tangible Keepsakes and Tributes

Keeping something special helps one remember a loved one. CaringBridge families have kept pillows from their shirts and teddy bears from their ties. Some have even saved rims from their loved one’s truck. These keepsakes make the families feel close to their lost ones. They are a way to keep their memories alive.

Supporting Causes Close to Their Heart

CaringBridge families find helping others a great way to remember their loved ones. They have done things like host events and raise money for charity. This includes helping children by collecting stuffed animals and supporting cancer research. These efforts let the families celebrate their loved ones in a positive way.

Creating Living Tributes

Many families have planted trees or gardens to remember someone special. These living tributes help keep the families connected. For example, they might dedicate a garden in their loved one’s name. These nature-based memorials provide a calm place to remember and celebrate the memories.

Honouring loved ones: Establishing New Traditions

Bringing the community closer by remembering loved ones is deeply meaningful. CaringBridge families honour their dear ones in several ways. They organise events like choir seasons and candle making. They also hold picnics and celebrations to remember and celebrate those they’ve lost.

Dedicating Events and Celebrations

Organising an event in memory of a loved one can bring people together. CaringBridge families find comfort in coming together for choir seasons or making candles. They also enjoy picnics and gatherings. These events are opportunities to remember and celebrate their lost family members.

Sharing Stories and Photos

Sharing stories and photos keeps memories of loved ones alive. Families find joy in telling stories to the younger generation. They light candles by photos and place these beloved memories in the heart of their homes. This way, the spirits of their loved ones continue to be with them.

memorial events

Honouring Their Legacy Through Purposeful Living

Many families say one way to honour a missing loved one is to live fully. They suggest trying to be your best self. They believe this is what your loved one would have wanted. It keeps their memory alive.

Travelling with a purpose can help with this. It lets you connect with different places and people. This can bring peace and new ways to think about loss. Meeting others who share your experience can be very comforting.

Travel can also push you to face your fears. It makes you stronger after losing someone. Supporting local cultures helps keep your loved one’s memory alive. Through all this, you inspire others. This is a powerful way to remember your special person.


What are some meaningful ways families have honoured the memories of their loved ones?

According to CaringBridge families, there are several special ways to remember their loved ones. These include doing good deeds, keeping special objects, and supporting favourite causes. They also make lasting memories like planting trees, dedicate events, and start new traditions.

How have families kept sentimental items to remember their loved ones?

Families stay connected to their loved ones by keeping special items. This includes things like pillows made from shirts, teddy bears from ties, and quilts from flannel. They also keep personal items such as truck rims that hold memories close.

How have families commemorated their loved ones through community involvement and acts of kindness?

Many families have organised events and fundraisers. They do this to support causes dear to their loved ones, like collecting toys or funding cancer research. These efforts in community and kindness help honour their memory in meaningful ways.

What are some ways families have created living reminders to honour their loved ones?

To keep their memory alive, families have planted gardens or trees. They also adopt highways in their name. These acts serve as living legacies that connect families with their loved ones and honour their memory.

How have families honoured their loved ones by dedicating events and celebrations?

CaringBridge families hold special events in memory of their loved ones. They have dedicated choir seasons, candle making, and annual gatherings. These occasions bring families and communities together for memories and celebration.

How have families kept the memories of their loved ones alive?

Sharing stories and displaying photos keeps memories alive. Lighting candles and passing down stories to younger generations also helps. These acts ensure the lasting legacy of their loved ones.

How can living purposefully and inspiring others be a tribute to a loved one’s memory?

Living fully and happily can be a tribute to those we’ve lost. Strive to be your best self, knowing your loved one supports you. By inspiring others, your loved one’s positive impact continues.
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